Selling is not something that you Do.

It's something that you Are...

 thought started to grow in my mind: since Selling is something natural and since Nature always makes the mandatory things to be enjoyable, then it should be a way to Sell that’s enjoyable.

At one moment in time I decided that the skills I acquired could be more useful for helping people change their life experience for the better. As a therapist and as a coach, I helped people stop smoking, control their weight or simply become more Mindful about their life. That process was still a Sale, only that my clients asked me to “sell them” on that idea.

I loved being a changeworker, but my business didn’t go all that well. Although I had a history of a good salesmanship, somehow it didn’t work in my therapy business. It was frustrating, because I knew that what I was doing was a good thing.

It took me a long time to realize the distinction between selling tangibles/ commodities, and selling “changework”.

When I used to sell commodities, I could easily ‘demonstrate’ how they work, ‘prove’ them working and ‘guarantee’ the results. That allowed me to Believe in my product and thus, to promote it wholeheartedly.

However, when it came to “changework”, the client - in and of themselves - became an active party of the success of the process: I noticed that if the client didn’t engage and participate with the process, the desired change would not happen (although they asked for it). This meant that I could not anymore ‘demonstrate’, ‘prove’ or ‘guarantee’ the results of my service… and, subsequently, my own Belief in my own service became flawed - and so did my determination in promoting it.

On top of this, I felt awkward asking money for something that I loved doing!

All this, and other important revelations, drove me to research and investigate deeper the process of Selling. That led up to the book I have written,“Heart to Heart Selling – Selling is Not Deceiving”.

My mission and purpose now is to share these understandings with people who find Selling and Influencing as demeaning, dangerous or frightful, so that they can become Congruent and Proud in engaging with them.

My mission is to facilitate for people to understand that Influence is unavoidable, natural and necessary – and that “problems” appear when it’s done Mind-less-ly, rather than Mind-full-ly.

My purpose is to support people to realize that Value grows only when it is Exchanged and that Selling is the vitally important process which promotes the Exchange of Value (by the way, can you even imagine a community in which no selling takes place, whatsoever?)

I would love to see all Salespersons behaving worthy of the people’s respect and consideration and to raise the profession of Selling to the level of appreciation of any other profession which brings Value to people’s lives.

That’s what I am about.

That's my Dream.

I am a happy guy who has a Vision. I like to Be Present in the Moment and to Connect with people. My passion has always been to understand how the Mind works, because I wanted to inspire people to explore all the options they have, but don’t see. That’s why I focused all my energy, time and knowledge to find better ways to serve the ones who really want to shape their reality.
My native country is Romania and I moved here when I was about 30 years old, leaving behind family, friends and a good running business. Although I have a Mechanical Engineering degree, I liked more the freedom of being a professional salesman.

So, basically, I took an “engineering perspective” over the process of influencing and motivating people to recognize value and take action.

As a fairly successful salesman, I made good money – enough to allow me to financially survive following a brain surgery I had a few years ago (which made it difficult for me to continue doing the same activity). But, even as a successful salesman, I didn’t feel that good about myself. The “American”, highly competitive and aggressive selling style was quite different than the one I was used to, as a business owner in my old country.

Yes, I liked the money I was making and I thought that this discomfort was “part of the deal”, the price I had to pay. So, I used my bank account to make myself feel good.

But the awkwardness kept coming back.

I wanted to know what is happening, so I set myself up for learning. I trained in three continents with internationally recognized trainers, in Selling, in Neuro Linguistic Programming, in Hypnosis, Life Coaching and changework/ therapy. I discovered that, indeed, Everything is Sales and Selling is about Influence: whatever happens, there is a Sale going on, and Influence is something that we cannot not do.