Stuart and I both enjoyed and learned a lot from your Playshop on Saturday.

I am working to change and tweak the way I connect with people. I have made two connections in the last two days and I came away feeling more positive than before and not feeling like it was a one sided and a waste of time. I guess my attitude and approach has changed because of you. Thanks.

Both connections I came away feeling like I had learned something from each person and that we could help one another in some way to better our business! It was a lot more relaxing and enjoyable, like it was friends visiting with each other and trying to help each other succeed. 

I need to keep working on Me, to become like a child again, having fun and not worry about the outcome. I have always been taken care of and I need to remember that God will always be there for me!!

I don't need or want everyone to partner up with me in business! I only need a few that really want to change their lives for the better and to have fun while doing so.

Thank you for waking up the sleeper in me.

I would recommend Cezar's Playshop and book Heart to Heart Selling to anyone that feels they need to make a change, for things to change, so that they can move forward in life and/or business.

Thanks so much,
Rosemarie Rae

"Cezar is a teacher and coach who takes spirituality and grounds it in the real world of business. His insights are useful and even life-changing. As a result of attending his playshop, I am approaching my work with more in-the-moment joy and creativity. I am less attached to a specific outcome, which is immensely freeing."

Gloria Lesher, Freelance Writer

I recently had a coaching session with Cezar.

Right from the start, Cezar felt so easy to talk to and has a way of having you open up and explore your stumbling blocks much deeper than expected and gave me lots of beautiful advice.

Some of the main things Cezar mentioned to me were, no matter how clever you are you can never see your own blind spots.

This was invaluable to me as I was struggling to charge people I perceived to be on a similar training level to myself, as I thought why would they pay me, although they ask for and act on the advice I give.

We also discussed the exchange of value, I loved this and had a felt experience of the understanding of this, it just felt so right to me and for me.

By the end of the coaching session all the anxiety and negative thinking around my stumbling blocks had melted away and left an eagerness to connect and play.

Thank you once again so very much.

Julie Brown


"When I got onto the call with Cezar, I wasn't sure what to expect, during the call I realized that there was a lie I was telling myself for years, which had got in the a way of how I worked. During the call it was like my mind was breathing I began to think completely differently and viewed my work in a totally differently way, When I got off the call, I immediately completed a piece of work that I was stuck on for several weeks and have direction for the next steps I am to take in my business. This call was wonderful and it was only just under 90 minutes, I couldn't recommend Cezar highly enough."

The Branding Consultant and Strategist

"After quickly developing a positive relationship with Cezar I noticed that he had a knowledge and frame of mind that would be useful for everyone. Talking with Cezar, we got more and more into my problem until I finally got to the realization that I had other options. I had been stuck in business and in my relationships and through working with Cezar we found out it was a problem relating to all of the areas of my life. He taught me how to be more present and more than anything showed me that I could do something different when facing these problem situations.

Ever since working with Cezar I have noticed a completely new and positive difference. I can now go about my true path, doing what I really want to do, while being in the moment, and connecting with others."


Shawn S. 

I wanted to tell you about having a very interesting meeting with Cezar Cehan, of Heart To Heart Selling.  It took place on January 21, 2015.

Cezar described several methods of increasing my awareness, a “zen-state” if you will.  Awareness is perhaps the most significant key to success and effectiveness, and anything that furthers awareness can obviously be of great value to any individual, on a professional and a personal level.

I endorse Cezar Cehan and his remarkable company Heart To Heart Selling.  Empowering awareness is an excellent tool!

     William Yeager  

     WD Yeager Photography

I gained a lot of insight and knowledge from Cezar's Playshop 'Can you want something, without needing it?'

Coming from a place of being and seeing the whole world from the inside out, rather than from outside in was a whole new concept for me. As I continue 'Playing' and 'Being' subtle changes are happening in my life.

I am gaining more insight from Cezar's teachings than I have from several different therapists I have seen throughout my lifetime. Attending his Playshops have been a life changing opportunity for me. I would recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest curiosity in becoming present in life and what that may mean for you and all the people you connect with.

 Becky Brittain

"Cezar has an amazing ability to create an instant connection, one that feels very light hearted and professional at the same time. His questions are direct and go straight through any thought defenses, breaking down barriers to getting to the heart of the issue. His presence in our session and the way in which he guided me on the journey through my mind led to some very profound insights and the falling away of very old stories I had been telling myself, which somehow now seem utterly ridiculous! Cezar is very skilled at what he does and I would highly recommend him"

Alison Sutton

Alison specializes in helping women to see how they are creating their reality and experience of life and to make changes in themselves that lead to improvements in their relationships, their happiness and well being.

Selling is not something that you Do.

It's something that you Are...