Selling is not something that you Do.

It's something that you Are...

... if you're in Denver area, I invite you to...

If you are part of a Direct Marketing business (i.e., MLM), I'd like to talk with you.

In my experience, Direct Marketing salespersons are the least trained salespersons in the world. Trying to sell a product [that they believe in] from this position usually ends up in frustration, awkward situations with your friends and relatives and poor results in business.

I know what you do: you joined that company because you believe in their product and because you see it as an oppotunity to make some extra income while helping others.


... you don't like Selling

... you don't want to be perceived as "a salesperson", so you don't contact anybody

... you don't like "rejection"

... you want to know that "it works" before doing it

... and so forth...

It's not that you are a "bad" person or "pushy" salesperson... It's that you're acting from an Understanding of "what Selling is" which is not helping you.


I'm setting up an affordable coaching program for salespersons in your situation and now I am in a phase where I want to learn more about the Specific Challenges that you experience in trying to build up your business.

To make your time worthwhile and if you're open to it, I am offering to turn that conversation into a 'coaching conversation'... Just bring up your biggest challenge and perhaps we manage to turn it around, freeing you up to get the results you're after, in building your business.

Contact me and let's schedule a time for us to talk about it. There will be no financial obligation whatsoever and no moral obligation, neither. As a matter of fact, I will be grateful for the opportunity to learn about your struggle and to refine the Heart to Heart Selling program.

To get the most out of our time together, choose to show up with high levels of consciousness and willingness to play and explore new perspectives.

"Where is this word coming from?"


-    In Proto-Germanic language (spoken about 2000-2500 years ago), “saljana” meant “to offer”, “to give”
-    In Gothic language (spoken starting around year 400), “saljan” meant “to offer a sacrifice” or “to cause to take”
-    In Old English, or Anglo-Saxon (spoken starting around year 500), “sellan” meant “to give”, “to grant”, “to hand over”, “to deliver”
-    In Latin, “consilium” meant “to give advice”

- In Latin, "influere" meant "in flow", "to flow"


- In Greek, "enthousiazein" means "to be inspired by a god"; from "entheos, possessed; it's a compound word, from: "en-", meaning "in" and "theos", meaning "god"